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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Cellular Mechanics Laboratory

IMPETUS VR – Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for IMPETUS Simulations

IMPETUS VR is an interactive virtual reality environment for particle dynamics simulations using IMPETUS. This is a tool using immersive interactive virtual reality technology to assist users to develop molecular dynamics simulations by placing the user in the live simulation world to interact with and reconfigure the particles.

Live Demonstration:

A demonstration video of IMPETUS-VR in action showcasing the controls and some of the applications of simulation in virtual reality. This video features a particle simulation based on the Lennard-Jones pair potential in a canonical ensemble.

Phospholipid Bilayer

A solvent-free model phospholipid bilayer simulation as it undergoes endocytosis. Here the blue shapes represent the cluster of lipids connected by the hydrophobic tail. The yellow shapes represent arbitrary molecules or proteins.

Interaction between cranial neural crests and cranial placode cells

An IMPETUS-VR simulation of the interaction between cranial neural crests (represented by blue particles) and cranial placode cells (represented by red particles) during collective cell migration as it viewed by the user inside the head mounted display. The green arrows represent the three-dimensional gradient field of the chemoattractant produced by the placode cells.

Network of Long-Range Interaction

A recording of the IMPETUS-VR network of long-range interactions, which are seen as red “tethers” and the ability to rearrange the simulation while it is not actively being evaluated.

Mouse Kidney Section - Volumetric Visualization

A recording video of IMPETUS-VR volumetric visualization of a 102 µm by 102 µm by 19 µm confocal microscopy image of a kidney mouse section as seen from the head mounted display. Here the blue color represents actin, the green color represents wheat germ agglutinin (a general stain for the surfaces of cells), and the red color represents the nuclei. The three dimensional structure of the mouse kidney section can be partially inferred in the video, however it is only fully evident when viewed in virtual reality.

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Download IMPETUS VR executable

Download IMPETUS VR User Manual